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Friday, March 23, 2012

ASCII comments for social sites

Have you ever wondered about ASCII arts? It would be the pictorial representation by simple text characters.
 / @ @ \     
( > ยบ < )    
 /  O  \       
There are many types of ASCII Art like text art, image art, 3D image art etc., Now here Macrolayer introduce one more new tool to generate text ASCII art with personalized symbols. From which you can create text messages in the ASCII symbols. It can be a greeting phrases, welcome notes, or any personal talk. You can choose the ASCII symbol which you need to spread across the art; you can resize the art with different size; you can paint ASII text color or its background color.
  • Unlike most of the online tools generated Art, this can be used in any social sites. Because ASCII characters are filled without any blank space. {Even you can generate ASCII fonts with blank space but which can't be used in social sites.}
  • You can use it as HTML format or simple text format. The Tool allows you to get HTML code format of the output. Since HTML format support color attributes, you can avail such colors. Since most of the social sites won't allow HTML format you may not get that. {Exception for Blogger if you use NCcode}
  • The tool use two combinations of characters which you prefer. by default it choose light and bright symbols '░' and '▓', which would be recommended for black & white format. If you willing to take HTML format then it can be any symbols since you can select the color to contrast the visibility
  • It would be recommended to choose equal width characters like (-,=) and not (|,M), Since combination of "||||||||||" characters will not meet length of "MMMMMMMMMM". There are few suggested style lists which help you to choose better one.
  • You can even use any HTML codes as a symbol below is the output of two HTML codes
Codes are: <img width="20" src="image url"/> <img style="visibility:hidden;" width="20" src="image url"/>
you can comment a blogger post or scrap a facebook page or twit a limited text in twitter. More over paste it in you mail and let this to roam around the world. ─╫╫╫╫╫─╫───╫───╫───╫───╫─╫──╫───╫────╫──╫╫╫──╫───╫ ───╫───╫───╫──╫─╫──╫╫──╫─╫─╫─────╫──╫──╫───╫─╫───╫ ───╫───╫╫╫╫╫─╫───╫─╫─╫─╫─╫╫───────╫╫───╫───╫─╫───╫ ───╫───╫───╫─╫╫╫╫╫─╫──╫╫─╫─╫──────╫────╫───╫─╫───╫ ───╫───╫───╫─╫───╫─╫───╫─╫──╫────╫──────╫╫╫───╫╫╫─ Suggestions and bugs are invited.


  1. How can I add this in my BLOGS????????
    please tell me.
    email me "how to add this in my blogs"
    my email id is=

  2. Goto and submit text and get ascii characters. then paste anywhere in your blogs


You Can use HTML code once it converted to NCcode by NCode converter