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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Free Service doesn't affect Net Neutrality

If you are against FreeBasics of Facebook because of OTT Price or Facebook company or Modi government or as a competitor etc., then this post will not entertain you. But If you are against FreeBasics of Facebook only for Netneutrality please read further. Let us consider facebook as a company without any pre assumption.

Actually Net neutrality is nothing but transparent equal access for all internet data. Definitely it should not mean equal pricing, there can be price variation on various socio-economic reasons. watching an entertainment website and downloading a study material should not be priced equally on data. When we oppose rigidly on free basics and support for equal pricing, then students and knowledge seekers are affected when prices were hiked. There are many baseless rumours like free services will create monopoly, suppress start-ups, price hike and more. However If we are really worried about the operating company, then we should draft a regulation laws instead of banning free services.