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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trespass on Indian UPSC Site

Trespass on Indian UPSC Site

It doesn't seem to any seriousness in cyber security of India, As per flooding news about Cyber attacks on Indian sites. Across Global, India stands second most victim of Cyber crime. Adding to the list, suspected surplus codings in the UPSC government site leading to the victim of cyber attack. For the Past ten days it has been spotted that few unrelated HTML codes which contains numerous anchor tags. On Serious note India needs to ascertain the cause behind this codes as it directing to few Chinese commercial websites. And it was also noted that excess of codes are rapidly increasing over this week.

1.source of
2. Almost 30 referring codes for Chinese site
3. Few referring codes for fake sites.
Please note that total codes end in 195th line
This is the picture captured on September 20, which has nearly 70 lines of unnecessary codes. The Main notable thing is this codes won't execute in the normal web browser as it out of body tag inside the HTML

This picture captured on 26 sep 2010, Which has 226 lines with new referring links to commercial Chinese site.

It is puzzling that for what this referring leads to? whether is it give a hike to the alexa rank for achieve search pages or whether these are the sample codes for future attack? This questions needs to reach the Indian authorities. And other hand this is on prestigious Indian civil recruiting website and possibilities of confidential information is sure. 

It can have a chance for cyber attack and depending on the code injection, It can be a Hacking or data stealing. What ever may be but its the time to set the strong cyber security force to save over cyber resource as border security. At least needs to remove this codes and find the cause behind it ensure the security for Information. India needs to make cyber awareness in its system and to its people.

The Information I got it from a Tamil site and thanks for the picture

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