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Friday, March 23, 2012

ASCII comments for social sites

Have you ever wondered about ASCII arts? It would be the pictorial representation by simple text characters.
 / @ @ \     
( > ยบ < )    
 /  O  \       
There are many types of ASCII Art like text art, image art, 3D image art etc., Now here Macrolayer introduce one more new tool to generate text ASCII art with personalized symbols. From which you can create text messages in the ASCII symbols. It can be a greeting phrases, welcome notes, or any personal talk. You can choose the ASCII symbol which you need to spread across the art; you can resize the art with different size; you can paint ASII text color or its background color.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random gadgets for Bloggers

It is an interesting thing to show random messages or pictures or ads in the Website. you may love to show different messages on the same page when user visit same page again. That may be your picture, which have different pose on every refresh. Even that can be a blogger gadgets, on every refresh on the same page you can make to get random gadgets. This type of Randoming will make different look on your pages. Let see how to make random elements