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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Introducing Hindi Dictionary Gadget

There are lots of Google gadgets in the market but there is no series question how they are useful to the End user. We can see more Google gadget are out of service today because of flourishing new applications. We have many Dictionary serving gadget for user in all popular languages. But often they are not supporting with all resources and Single gadget works for single dictionary resource. If a user needs to verify his/her query with couple of the websites, then there is a need for Multi gadget.

As you all know Google gadget are installable at blogspots, igoogle, other webpages and even gmail,calender and Docs and so on. so Gadgets are really a lovely application which adds more efficient to ours applications

Here I introduce new English/Hindi Dictionary Gadget, which is pretty cool to transliterate roman letters to Hindi [Devanagari script]. User can surf English or Hindi words with varies Dictionary resources in single gadget itself. Easy to install and use.

To add this to your igoogle click on this,
Add to iGoogle

To add this to your blogspots.. click on this,

To add it in gmail goto Settings->lab-> and enable the "Add any gadget by URL" once you done this you can see new tab Gadget in gmail settings. where you need to paste below url thats it.

For further querying and resizing the gadget do visit..
Hindi Dictionary Gadget