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Saturday, December 31, 2011

AppsScript - Macro - Javascript

Google Apps script and VBA Macro and Javascript are the powerful scripts which work on worksheets. Depending on the usage of the worksheet we can choose any of the above scripts. let say, If you need online automation then Appscript would be the best of the choice. For local automation Macro and Javascript play vital role. Many of us are not sure about similarities on these. In this series, I would like to share the similarities on these scripts. In this post let see how to read the spreadsheets

For reading the worksheet:
Google Apps Script for reading another spread sheet

  var myBook = spreadsheetApp.openById("0Aoh6e6FJ10dSGc"); // open id is the key string able to find in the spread sheet url 
var mySheet = myBook.getSheetByName("sheet1");   //name of the sheet
var myRange = mySheet.getRange(1,1).getValue();   // range represent first row first column
VBA Macro Script for reading another Worksheet
Dim myBook as Excel.workbook
set myBook = Getobject("C:\sample\book1.xls")
myRange =  myBook.worksheets(1).Cells(1,1).Value
myBook.Close 'make sure this needs to be closed, if it is declared early.

JavaScript for reading another Worksheet

var myBook = new ActiveXObject("Excel.Application")"c:\sample\book1.xls");
var mySheet = myBook.Sheets(1);
var myRange = mySheet.cells(1,1).Value;  //ActiveXObject is supported by IE only & other browsers are not supportable

  myRange is the Read value 

on simple way we can compare these as

new ActiveXObject("Excel.Application")"c:\sample\book1.xls").Sheets(1).cells(1,1).Value;


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sort Blogger comments by Descending

Below Code has been depreciated when Google introduced Thread commenting feature

Recently Purnomo has quested how to reverse the blogger comments order?
But I searched in web is there any existing technique for this, But unfortunately no idea was available for the users. So MacroLayer Pleasure to introduce new Script for Date Descending.

 Let we see how to sort the Blogger comments orders in our blogs. Since blogger hosts the comment, we can’t alter the order which it comes. But we can make prolific blogs design which reads blogger comments in descending order. Technically, latest comments will display top on your comment area. Not sure everyone likes to sort their comment order, but definitely many blog owners are looking for comment sorting option. This new Script will make you to sort simply a reverse. This script doesn’t affect any template design or any add-on which are in your blog. More over it is user friendly for most of the blogger templates. Now it is tested clean for IE,Firefox,Chrome.

How to install:
Just copy the below code and paste it above the </body> code in your blog template.

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

this script will sort out all your comments in all your posts in your blog. If you want to sort only a particular post then replace the below red words with your post address and copy this and paste it in your template just above any of  the     <div id='backlinks-container'>  tag or <p class='comment-footer'> tag

<b:if cond='data:post.url == ""'>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Still if you have a Problem in your template drop a comment with your blog address

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five steps for new bloggers

Are you the new enthusiastic to the blogging world? here are the Five important steps that you have to do to ensure the quality of your blog page, Mainly for Blogger webpages.

Hope you do title and description for your site for visitors. But one more thing you have to do same for web crawlers. I mean, You have to provide description and keywords for varies web crawlers from search engine in Meta tags. in easy word, this description will be listed on Google search results when your blog is listed over there. If you not listed your blog description then Google or other search engine do pick random sentence from your post and which does not provide the actual description for the visitors.
you can check this site in Google
Goto you template editor mode [for blogger's Edit HTML] and place below code just below the head element which will start with <head>


   <b:if cond='data:blog.pageName == &quot;&quot;'>
<meta content='Macro pages of micro thoughts in Webdesign,Tips,Animation,Cartoon,Javascript,Gadgets and more' name='description'/>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
<meta content='Webdesign,Tips,Animation,Cartoon,Javascript,Gadgets,innovation' name='keywords'/>


change the bold letters with your own descriptions and keywords for you blog

Ensure the blog comment box as visitor friendly. which is the way you can get real inputs and support from readers. some Blog doesn't have comment box and other hand do restrict some accounts for commenting. As far as you concern on security, you can follow strict usage; but friendly request is to make available for all to comment. Blogspot sites are advised to remove the word verification on comment window that can be done by Settings-> comments-> Show word verification for comments? set to No

Submit you site to search engines for web search. There are more search engines are available among that Google, Yahoo and Bing are the remarkable engines. Do submit you sites

Add share buttons in the post which will let your blog to more readers. you can use ready-made code snippet which contain all social networking sites or you can use manual code from particular sites. Ultimate intention behind this is to encourage your readers to share your page content to their friends. which get you more readership
Google Plusone

Final Step would be the Quality content & good reader. Do make posts with quality contents which you love and post with regular intervals. As a good reader, you should reader more blogs from your neighborhood and also comment on their posts, which is the one of the way of marketing as well you get more health blogging network.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to pull Blogspot Data in Google Docs

It is really an interesting application, which pulls Blogspot details from Rss or Page source. Yahoo Pipes is the one of the online web application which used to mashups the web feeds and web contents. Since it is a graphical interface we can drive pipes as much as we imagine and we can use the output feeds in varies forms with help of Javascript. I was searching for an alternate for Yahoo pipes for pulling the blog details, and accidentally met Google Docs. Basically, Google Docs serves as storage device for resource with real time collaboration, Google apps script is the key which plays vital role in such development. In this article I have shared a technique which can be a tutorial for Google apps script for Pulling data from blogspot

Goto Google spreadsheet,
To view Script editor, go to Tools->Script Editor
Just copy paste the below codes and run the Script

function rumme() {
var line = "2";
var mySheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getActiveSheet();
var range = mySheet.getRange(1,1);
var bname= "macrolayer";
var burl = "http://" + bname + "";
response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(burl);
xml = Xml.parse(response.getContentText(), false);
root = xml.getElement(); // feed element
var btitle = root.getElement("title").getText(); //blog's Title
var bdes = root.getElement("subtitle").getText(); //Description
var blink = root.getElements("link")[2].getAttribute("href").getValue(); // Url address
var blogr = root.getElement("author").getElement("name").getText(); //Author name
var blogid = root.getElement("author").getElement("uri").getText(); //Author Profile url
var blogmail = root.getElement("author").getElement("email").getText(); //Author email address
var bupdated = root.getElement("entry").getElement("updated").getText(); // last updated date
This Script will pull the Title, description, Url, so and so as in image. you can use for look to get more blogs details at the time. You can change the colored string to your wish. 
Above is the Basic sample Code for pulling the Blogs details, You can change Feeds url and its attribute for other sites. And check the every element of the blogs feed before pulling it

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Read any blogs without visiting it

Few People may like to visit blogs anonymously, Few would like to avoid their network presence, other few would be banned to access and so...  And there is genuine reason that the site contains avoidable script or malware with it. Here I have shared few suggestions which has been classified with three type. 1) RSS aggregation 2) emailing system 3)Proxy sites. I believe all other services can be sort in to these categories

RSS Aggregation:- Here we have two option, we can directly subscribe the RSS feeds of a blog into any Rss reader service. like This is the more familiar technique that we use to read blogs. But If the blog allows only limited characters, then we may not able to read whole contain. For this limitation we have few services which offer full feeds for any blogs. you have to register and get new feeds from them for a particular blog that's it.
This RSS methods will work lots for a regular followup and subscription

EMailing System:- In General, many Blogs allow us for email subscription from feedburner or other services. But this is directly related with RSS control settings. If a blog is limited with feeds flow then email via these services will be limited. so apart from this, we have two option, we can get total web contain in HTML format or image format by mail for any site. For HTML extract has being offered by these service can be availed by email or direct visit to the site. For image extract is good to capture the webpage with quality content.

Emailing methods are fascinating way to read a random webblogs

Proxy Sites:- Most of the internet users are well aware of these sites. Need less to list those sites since Google list more than enough and these sites are uncountable in number with unstable presence. Many proxy sites may be banned in corporate environment. Google cached files is one of the proxy, it save only past content but this is a good source if the original site is banned in your network

Specially For Blogspot:- visitors can view a page with /?m=1 which means mobile view. This way will be effective to avoid unwanted content in a blogspot and readers ip address will not be traced in this way

Some of these way would help to reduce your internet consumption or help you to make more dynamic in blog reading.

Happy reading

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Introducing Hindi Dictionary Gadget

There are lots of Google gadgets in the market but there is no series question how they are useful to the End user. We can see more Google gadget are out of service today because of flourishing new applications. We have many Dictionary serving gadget for user in all popular languages. But often they are not supporting with all resources and Single gadget works for single dictionary resource. If a user needs to verify his/her query with couple of the websites, then there is a need for Multi gadget.

As you all know Google gadget are installable at blogspots, igoogle, other webpages and even gmail,calender and Docs and so on. so Gadgets are really a lovely application which adds more efficient to ours applications

Here I introduce new English/Hindi Dictionary Gadget, which is pretty cool to transliterate roman letters to Hindi [Devanagari script]. User can surf English or Hindi words with varies Dictionary resources in single gadget itself. Easy to install and use.

To add this to your igoogle click on this,
Add to iGoogle

To add this to your blogspots.. click on this,

To add it in gmail goto Settings->lab-> and enable the "Add any gadget by URL" once you done this you can see new tab Gadget in gmail settings. where you need to paste below url thats it.

For further querying and resizing the gadget do visit..
Hindi Dictionary Gadget

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tamil Transliteration Utilities

Tamil is the one of top 20 languages speaking in the world and Most around south Asia. It belongs to Dravidian family and has history of 2000 years. But many of the folks are unaware of Tamil Unicode and its Transliteration facilities. Note me, It is not translation but transliteration. These utilities help to convert Roman Unicode or unfamiliar codes to tamil unicode. For better spreading of information, some of the resources have been listed over here

Online Resource for converting multi code to Tamil Unicode
Online website [convert multicodes] [convert multicodes]

Browser extension

Offline Resource to type Tamil unicode
Downloadable for local Desktop

Browser extension/add-on

Kindly list over missed utilities for Tamil transliteration

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tnfisherman - Twitter Revolution

Have you ever seen whole social media scream for a Public Cause? yes, Now a days Social media plays a vital role to reflect the human thoughts. After #Egypt trend in social media #tnfisherman trend keeps its remarkable place for a week. This is a tag used by South Indian protester to save Indian fisherman from Srilankan Navy's brutal murder. This was a issue since 30 years persist among Tamilnadu, a south Indian state and srilanka. Reports say Indian fishermen are attacked and killed by Srilankan Coastal guards more than 539 for trespass in their marine area. But Both the countries failed to take proper initiatives to save fishermen life and media too muted its voice on this issue. Finally Campaign started across the global in twitter with tnfisherman tag to report this issue. what are the steps they have taken to proceed these demand?

  • Started twitter campaign with #tnfisherman tag. and got 65000+ tweets and 800+ tweeple supports
  • Have their own websites
  • Have their varies social network profiles
  • 6700+ has Signed electronic petition regarding this fisherman
  • Few twitter Celebrities have gave hands to this protest @sushmaswarajbjp @rameshsrivats @ActorMadhavan @actorjiiva @madhankarky and more
  • Had successful few media coverage on this issue
  • For this concern, almost all Tamil & few non-Tamil bloggers have joined their hands
  • Approached few Leaders to take prompt steps to recovery safety

What are their requests?
They need safety for fisherman and patrol in the marine region;
And they are requesting to retrieve Katchatheevu, ceded to Sri Lanka by India in 1974

what is the lesson?
Social media is getting a valuable respect by gathering the mass users for a public protect, Which implies news media's letdown

Is that enough to raise voice?
After a couple of week tnfisherman tag lost its trend in twitter. Never mind, Prime motto is to reach mass Indian and make awareness. Still they have to climb peak. All the best to Socio-Electronic revolution