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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Read any blogs without visiting it

Few People may like to visit blogs anonymously, Few would like to avoid their network presence, other few would be banned to access and so...  And there is genuine reason that the site contains avoidable script or malware with it. Here I have shared few suggestions which has been classified with three type. 1) RSS aggregation 2) emailing system 3)Proxy sites. I believe all other services can be sort in to these categories

RSS Aggregation:- Here we have two option, we can directly subscribe the RSS feeds of a blog into any Rss reader service. like This is the more familiar technique that we use to read blogs. But If the blog allows only limited characters, then we may not able to read whole contain. For this limitation we have few services which offer full feeds for any blogs. you have to register and get new feeds from them for a particular blog that's it.
This RSS methods will work lots for a regular followup and subscription

EMailing System:- In General, many Blogs allow us for email subscription from feedburner or other services. But this is directly related with RSS control settings. If a blog is limited with feeds flow then email via these services will be limited. so apart from this, we have two option, we can get total web contain in HTML format or image format by mail for any site. For HTML extract has being offered by these service can be availed by email or direct visit to the site. For image extract is good to capture the webpage with quality content.

Emailing methods are fascinating way to read a random webblogs

Proxy Sites:- Most of the internet users are well aware of these sites. Need less to list those sites since Google list more than enough and these sites are uncountable in number with unstable presence. Many proxy sites may be banned in corporate environment. Google cached files is one of the proxy, it save only past content but this is a good source if the original site is banned in your network

Specially For Blogspot:- visitors can view a page with /?m=1 which means mobile view. This way will be effective to avoid unwanted content in a blogspot and readers ip address will not be traced in this way

Some of these way would help to reduce your internet consumption or help you to make more dynamic in blog reading.

Happy reading