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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Simple template for blogger Aggregator

Aggregator is a application which collects latest blog post from various feeds. There are many aggregator tools which will allow you to built a aggregator with or without voting options. But for which you have to setup a server to host. But If you are eager to have own aggregator without any complex tools and simple with blogger environment, this template is for you. Macrolayer introduces new Aggregator template "Aggregator Titan" exclusively made for aggregating service.

download it from here

 In blogList gadget, you need to add your blogs or import your following blogs. thats it! now you got a aggregator of your own. If you interested more you can add gadgets, ads, links and more on beside the page
Frontend View

 Layout View
 find the live demo here

 Some features of the template

  • Template looks good for aggregtor and easy to add blogs 
  • More gadget options to add other blogger gadgets 
  • Blog posts are invisible and static pages are only visible 
  • NCcode for customized commenting for Static page is inherited 
  • You can have your blog follow list publicly. 
  • You can have own blogs aggregators in different fields. 
  • You can have a aggregator for different labels in your blog and more
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  1. Hello, i managed to install the template. Toying with the idea of using your template but just dont know how to make best use with the template. Hope you care to assist & explain further.
    1. why the gadget "Link" seem not able to function with the template?
    2. why would one want to "hide" the blog posts?
    3) refer 2 above - how can i make the blog post visible?
    4) Do not understand your notes:
    a) ...can have your blog follow list publicity?
    b)... can have own blogs aggregators in different fields? u mean can create several aggregators (each for different field) within a single website? how?
    c) ... can have a aggregator for different labels? how?

    1. Hello Zac Kua,
      1. you need to add list gadget for it
      2. Since this template was mainly made for aggregators, blog posts are needless to front paged. however you can view blogpages and staticpages in respective page links
      3. you can change the if control in the main page code.
      4a. you can add follower gadget
      4b&c. use the label feeds and create different aggregators for same blog.

  2. [im][/im]

    Nellie Östlin


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