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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Free Service doesn't affect Net Neutrality

If you are against FreeBasics of Facebook because of OTT Price or Facebook company or Modi government or as a competitor etc., then this post will not entertain you. But If you are against FreeBasics of Facebook only for Netneutrality please read further. Let us consider facebook as a company without any pre assumption.

Actually Net neutrality is nothing but transparent equal access for all internet data. Definitely it should not mean equal pricing, there can be price variation on various socio-economic reasons. watching an entertainment website and downloading a study material should not be priced equally on data. When we oppose rigidly on free basics and support for equal pricing, then students and knowledge seekers are affected when prices were hiked. There are many baseless rumours like free services will create monopoly, suppress start-ups, price hike and more. However If we are really worried about the operating company, then we should draft a regulation laws instead of banning free services.

Google emerged into search engine industry by offering free listing when industry was based on paid results. If we had banned it for free listing then just thing of now. If a company can spend data charge for its own customer by offering its service for data free, then definitely it is a revolution in e-commerce. In India, the Telecom industry is not a monopoly but a  perfect competitive industry. An user have option to shift the provider when they feel price is high even we have number portability.

case study 1:
You have constructed a free library for needy in your colony and subscribed with some basic magazines as per your wish list. since you have not purchased all magazines, readers needs to spend money when they need other magazines from shops. Does it mean you violate the library neutrality? do you agree to subscribe all magazines to provide equal access?

Providing free access for selective web service will not mean suppressing other web service. It is not violation of expression of speech

case study 2:
To preserve domestic market the government impose exise duty for foreign imported goods. The duty value would be higher based on goods which are lower than local price. Do you say all the imported goods should be equally charged based on weight(in same trasport mode)? do you claim 50g gold and 50g groceries should be charged equally as both are shiped equally?

when voice service websites exploit the telecom companies business, regulatory can impose OTT charges to balance the trade.

Case study 3:
Many roadside retailers were affected because of online e-commerce sites. Many start-ups like mobiles, gadgets and electronics sellers have severely affected due to online business. Now do you shout against e-commerce sites to shutdown as it destroys many start-ups?

free and fair competition will create start-up players to utilize the oppurtunity costs. 

Case study 4:
You are a Publisher and you publish free matrimonial ads from your readers. As you have received information only from some community, you can't show matrimonial matches for all community. Does it mean you are favouring some and blocking other cummunities?

If we really concerned by favouring or blocking a website, then we should urge regulatories to frame proper laws to ensure fair competition

Case study 5:
when Chennai was flooded recently, many volunteers showed their humanity and offered many freebies to almost all people. Including many corporate companies offered funds for relief work. so do you generalize nothing is free in world? Few domestic food industry offered its products for free of costs so does it mean they try to create any monopoly in food industry? few telecom operators provided free onnet calls, so does violate telecom neutrality?

If you are concerned about freebie will lead to monopoly industry, then you should create regulations to support other small scale industries to do fair trade.

Case study 6:
With Private-Public partnership, you have got new highway in your city. Vehicles are being charged based on category. Here do you ask gatekeepers to charge equally for all vehicles? If you are the two wheeler commuter will be happy to pay as equal to earth movers?

Based on various purpose of business internet data can be charged or waived. If you feel secrecy in data charging, then you should reach consumer consortium for rights.

Criticism 1:
The main Net neutrality activists may be supported by direct competitors of free services
Criticism 2:
These activists deviated the common public from raising a voice for transparent policies for fair competitions
Criticism 3:
These activists never recall what they answered when retail shopkeepers are affected by online business.

The conclusion is that differential pricing should not be considered as net neutrality violation. Instead Perfect law should be framed to avoid unfair business ethics.


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