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Monday, January 11, 2016

CDN for javascript libraries

It is best practice to have content delivery network to host common library files. This post wil bring you the few informations about available well known CDNs. For hosting Jquery below are the available locations

Google CDN
It provides a high availability, low latency resource for delivering scripts to websites. It hosted Libraries including jQuery, AngularJS, Prototype and Dojo.[VERSION NO]/jquery-ui.min.js[VERSION NO]/themes/[THEME NAME]/jquery-ui.min.css
for details list of libraries are provided at

Microsoft CDN

For websites built in ASP.NET, Microsoft’s CDN provides a support for JavaScript frameworks without having delay. The same files can be access for other websites as well. Below is the path[VERSION NO]/jquery-ui.min.js[VERSION NO]/themes/[THEME NAME]/jquery-ui.min.css
For more detailed Microsoft CDN content visit

jQuery CDN[VERSION NO]/jquery-ui.min.js[VERSION NO]/themes/[THEME NAME]/jquery-ui.min.css
jquery dot com provides various version for UI, mobile, color etc., visit

Yandex CDN

A russian provider who also provide Javascript libraries and CSS including Bootstarp, angular JS[VERSION NO]/jquery.min.js

It provides Backbone.js, Bootstrap, D3.js, jQuery, Lo-Dash, Raphaёl, React, SWFObject, Underscore.js, bem-components. visit

community-powered CDN

Beside this, there are many commercial entities to provide CDN services for hosting custom contents. you can host your own scripts,

images, multimedia files without delay.
for more providers visit


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